An AQ adventure is an action-packed thrill ride, and you’ll find yourself learning a variety of water sports.

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Based on the program you choose, you could be surfing wind & wave style, wakeboarding, whitewater rafting, laser sailing, water skiing and snorkeling

Watersports are a huge part of any AQ expedition. Even the first day out on a BVI program you’ll be snorkeling the Caves at Norman Island to reveal the multitude of fish and diverse marine life of the tropics. In the BVI we travel with a full set of watersports equipment. We have six RIB dinghies that are perfect for skiing so everyone gets to try wakeboarding and water skiing for the first time or master a few tricks and learn to slalom! Over the last 40 years, we have taught thousands to ski and wakeboard.

Most programs include windsurfing too, as we also have complete windsurfing rigs with multiple sails for all wind conditions!

A few RS Zest sailing dinghies are always in tow as this provides the very best training for novice through advanced sailors. We even charter smaller keelboats from the famous Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda to fine tune those helming and sail trimming skills.

AQ adventures are centered around the water so whichever program you choose, pack your board shorts because you are going to get wet!

“Dewey came home absolutely bursting with increased self-confidence and assurance. The encouragement and positive support he received to push himself, try new things and actually become a leader gave him a fullness of self that defies description. Abbie said to me, 'I thought I would just learn new skills, like sailing and diving and water skiing, but what I really got was the opportunity to reflect on my life, my existence and goals...I can't thank you enough, Mom, for sending me to ActionQuest.' Your attention to each shipmate as an individual and your ability to teach them at a young age the value of living proactively as opposed to reactively has given each one of my children a secret inner strength that they will be able to draw upon for a lifetime. Both kids had great things to say about the staff, the classes, the food, the yachts and the interpersonal growing that must be achieved to live successfully and so intimately with virtual strangers.”


“Blair has always been a water child. She fell in love with sailing, scuba and her boat family. The professionalism of the staff and knowledge of sailing and scuba we believe made a lasting impression on our daughter. She's now trying to plan how she can follow in their footsteps.”


“Alex loved every single moment and he has a lot more self confidence about his own abilities than before. Blogs were brilliant! It was his most exciting and best experience of his life!”


“What's the best thing about ActionQuest? 1) the exposure and skills -- we could not be happier or more impressed by what Ethan has seen and learned to do above and below the waters of the BVI and Leewards. 2) the professionalism of the staff and the excellent design of the program generally. From the outset, we have felt secure that AQ knows its business, runs it well, and has our kid's safety and enjoyment as top priorities.”


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