Many of us at ActionQuest are parents too…

My wife Jo and I learned firsthand what it actually feels like to send a child to a faraway place when our son, Joshua, boarded a plane to the British Virgin Islands. LIKE YOU, WE HAD HIGH EXPECTATIONS, LOFTY GOALS, AND SOME VALID CONCERNS.

Joshua had been to the BVI for a portion of every summer since he was born, yet always with “mom and dad”. Now he was out on his own, facing the social and emotional challenges that our summer adventure programs are designed to create. Turns out he had a great time and we believe he grew greatly from his experience.  He came home with lots of great stories about his adventure and his new friends from all over the world but more important was his obvious sense of accomplishment. He was proud of what he and his team had achieved and was more confident in his own abilities.

On the flip side, Jo and I gained a greater appreciation for the journey that you, as parents and guardians, also embark upon from that moment you take the plunge to enroll your child to the moment you welcome them home. We can’t do this without the trust and belief that parents put in us, yet we understand that this trust can only be earned over time. We hope that this, as well as the For Parents section, will start to answer some of those important questions we know that most parents will have as they explore whether this summer sailing camp is right for their family.

– Mike Meighan, Director

“As my fourth session of ActionQuest comes to a close, I can honestly say that these twelve weeks I have spent in your program are the biggest learning experiences of my life.”


“Thank you so much for the incredible opportunities and experiences that I have gained through AQ over the past three years. They have altered my perspectives of both myself and the world around me.”


“As a 4-year ActionQuester, I believe myself to be qualified to say you and your program rocks! I return every year because I learn so much about myself, and who I want to be. Most importantly, I learn who I want to surround myself with.”


“All we can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. We sent Michael to you to show him what he could accomplish, the friends he could make and the person he could become. His experiences really changed him and we see a new, more vital teenager. ”


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