Many of our AQ adventures incorporate community service so students can give back to the community they are visiting.

OUR SUMMER COMMUNITY SERVICE PROGRAMS FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS TEND TO be in collaboration with already established local partners, making them very real and very needed.

They range from human to environmental based, and most of our programs incorporate a combination of the two. This, in turn, leads to a rewarding experience for all involved.

Whether participating in a turtle tagging and release project, removing plastics from shorelines or brightening a school with a fresh coat of paint in the Galapagos, the rewards are huge.

The number of service hours awarded for our BVI programs is dependent on the Adventure and ranges from 20 to 100. For those looking for a more diverse range of service offerings, consider our sister program, GoBeyond Student Travel.

If you’re searching for a program that offers service as a focus and are ready to stretch your wings to visit countries that are a little further afield, then GoBeyond this summer.

As the service adventure arm of ActionQuest, these summer community service projects for teens go beyond ordinary high school travel programs and build cross-cultural experiences geared to a range of global interests. Whether you’re looking to contribute to authentic service projects, experience exhilarating adventure, or develop your language skills, GoBeyond outdoor community service programs will immerse you in a new culture where you can make a meaningful difference while on the journey of a lifetime.

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GoBeyond opens eyes, fosters curiosity, and broadens horizons through a variety of service focuses.

Humanitarian Support

Have you been described as a “people person?” Are you looking for a program that allows you to help others through genuine connections? GoBeyond students can foster those connections with people of all ages from all over the world on our summer community service programs for high school students. Whether working with orphans, refugees, families or entire communities – you can help the plight of the impoverished and misplaced through the diverse interactions our programs facilitate. From orphanages in China to palm hut schools in the Amazon rainforest; from slums in Thailand to Barrios in Costa Rica; you can start to make a difference in the lives of others by simply being there.

Infrastructure Development

Want to get your hands dirty? On our community service summer programs, we’ve cleared land, painted murals, dug wells, built schools, playgrounds, community centers, and more. The list of places our students have helped to improve is endless. Over time, even the small things have had a huge impact on the communities we work with. Give your strength, give your creativity, and at the end of a project you’ll have tangible evidence of a job well done.

Environmental Conservation

The health of our planet’s environment affects everyone.  Since ecosystems rarely show signs of distress before catastrophic failure, we have the opportunity to work with organizations on the cutting edge of conservation and research to fight the degradation of the natural world on our summer community service programs for high school students. Remove invasive species in the Galapagos, plant trees in the Amazon rainforest, and help fight pollution on the beaches of the Caribbean. GoBeyond community service summer programs for teens allow you to gain hands-on experience with fieldwork as you and your team contribute to critical environmental research and conservation efforts.

Wildlife Stewardship

At least 200 species of animals become extinct every year. Between loss of habitat, environmental changes, and human interference, wildlife and biodiversity is undeniably threatened all over the world. Since humans cause many of the threats animals face, it’s up to us to help mitigate those threats as well. On our community service programs for teenagers, you’ll get up close and personal with this planet’s astounding wildlife and lend a helping hand to the international organizations working directly with these dwindling populations. You’ll get hands on by feeding, tagging, releasing, and interacting with some of the world’s most critically endangered species. Lend your heart and mind to these astounding creatures and you’ll gain more than you could ever expect.

We operate COMMUNITY SERVICE SUMMER PROGRAMS and lend a hand in these countries…


australia community service program

Reef to Rainforest

You’ll never get over the land down under. Revel in all that Australia has to offer by catching waves at Manly Beach, diving or snorkeling the stunning Great Barrier Reef and much more. Get a chance to earn 20 hours of service and make a positive impact in Australia’s rainforest.

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china community service program

Orphans of Beijing

Live and let live in the Far East. Whether you’re staring at 8,000 Terracotta soldiers or into the eyes of one orphaned child, inspiration is the backbone of this summer community service program. On these service trips for teens, you’ll earn 100 hours of life-changing service while immersing yourself in China’s culture and enriching the lives of its orphaned children.

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Costa Rica

costa rica community service program

Pura Vida Experience

¡Pura Vida! Earn 50 service hours while blazing a trail through the stunning Costa Rican countryside. Build, explore, eat, repeat in this fast-paced and meaningful survey of Central America’s landscapes and communities.

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Galapagos & Ecuador

ecuador community service program

Islands, Andes, & Amazon

Discover nature in its purest form. Walk in the footsteps of pioneers and explorers like Charles Darwin and earn 40 hours of service. Your conservation efforts will be complemented by beautiful nature tours of the Galápagos, time in the High Andes and an exploration of the legendary Amazon rainforest.

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iceland community service program

Inspiring Iceland

Earn 30 hours of community service restoring and protecting the other-worldly environment of Iceland. You’ll explore some of the world’s most unique natural wonders and get to know this one-of-a-kind culture in the land of the midnight sun.

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india community service program

Tibetan Village Experience

“Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible.” Earn 100 service hours by teaching English to the Tibetan refugee population in the home of the Dalai Lama. Become a part of northern India’s cultural melting pot and spread compassion in the foothills of the Himalayas.

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peru community service program

Sacred Valley Service

Focus on the future. Invest 100 service hours in the environment and the next generation of Peru’s people. Afternoons and weekends are for fun – experience traditional Peruvian culture, feed an alpaca and hike to majestic Machu Picchu.

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Footsteps of The Inca

Ancient beauty meets modern brawn. Depart from the beaten path and discover a side of the Andes high country that few people get to experience. Earn 50 hours of service by lending a hand to underserved populations and spend 4 days trekking through the breathtaking Peruvian back country.

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Sri Lanka

sri lanka community service program

Plight Of The Elephants

Observe to preserve. Earn 50 hours of community service working with the jungles, plains, communities and people of central Sri Lanka to protect one of the world’s largest endangered species. Contribute to real field research and meaningfully connect with affected communities as you become immersed in addressing this now-or-never issue.

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“These programs changed our son and daughter's lives, by freeing them from a narrow frame of reference and opening up the world. I can't overstate the importance of your program for all of us.”

Linda W. - Northbrook, IL

“The best thing is that this program encourages teens to take a leap of faith to travel to a different country with strangers and come out a completely different person with friends that they'll have for a lifetime.”

Matt O. - San Francisco, CA

“My child came home with a great sense of himself. He experienced a diverse group of students and found a deeper love and meaning for serving others and giving of yourself. He loved every minute of his experience.”

Jessica S. - Pelahatchie, MS

“I have learned to put others first, to spread awareness of social and political issues, also a world perspective. Traveling at a young age and viewing peoples' hardships in other countries allows me to put my life in perspective.”

Bryn C. - Llyod Harbor, NY