Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today we woke up to the usual morning CD. We ate oatmeal for breakfast and then had rotations. The first one was diving. Many of the divers finished their last dive before becoming a certified diver! I, unfortunately, am not yet certified because I couldn’t equalize, but today I did two fun dives. We did front/back flips underwater, playing leapfrog, and more… I will soon be a certified diver. The next rotation was wakeboarding/waterskiing. Afterward, we had tuna fish salad made by John and Becca. It was really good. We all cleaned up the boat, relaxed, and Craig taught everyone about the different parts of the boat. Like… how the headworks, the engine works, and where the fuel comes from. We then sailed to Cane Garden Bay. It was rough. We got fuel and water and anchored. We are excited for Thai peanut chicken tonight, and the big hike, port, and BBQ tomorrow.