Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

We woke up to another beautiful day in paradise with warm oatmeal for breakfast. We started the day off by toughing out the strong seas through a short sail journey to Brewer’s Bay. Once we arrived, the Neptunes and Dolphins jumped into the water for a fun dive leading up to the naturalist certification. Meanwhile, the Rescue divers took a dinghy over to the Panasea, one of the other dive side boats. There we practiced our search and recovery skills by looking for hidden toy squids below the sea. By 1:00 everyone settled down to a nice lunch of chicken salad sandwiches and PB and J. After lunch, the Dolphin diver went turtle tagging while the Neptunes learned about scuba equipment. They repaired o-rings. During the same hour, the Rescue divers worked with different types of oxygen administration leading up to their first aid license. Now we are all about to head to a great dinner of peanut chicken!