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British Virgin Islands - 2011, Session 1

First Sail and Dives of the Summer

Location: White Bay, Peter Island

After a long and rainy night, we all woke up around six and we ready to get off the dock. A few dock tails later, we were out and sailing in open water. We came all the way to White Bay. It was a pretty long sail, so we had lunch on the way. Because we are the best crew in the AQ fleet, we were the first to arrive (by a lot), and when we hailed Chris's boat, Odyssea, he directed us to anchor at the wrong end of the day (first prank of the summer). After eventually anchoring in the right end of the bay we still managed to be the first to put our anchor down and spend some time in the water before our dive briefing. The check out dive was so that we could reacquaint ourselves with diving. After that was over, we all had showers before dinner. I'm so excited for more diving!