Location: Whitsundays

We all woke up to have some fruit and Vegemite toast at about 6:30. Mal motored us out to White Haven beach, the Mecca of pure white silica sand. We all piled on the dinghy with our backpacks filled with water and sunblock, ready to see the stingrays. We hiked to the lookout to take some pictures of the whole beach. After that, we finally made our way down to the beach where we lolled in the powdered sand. Some swam in the frigid water while others (the male folk) hunted for the secluded “Betty Beach.” Eventually, everyone climbed the rocks to see the secret beach and everyone saw stingrays and nurse sharks! We headed back to the boat to patch up wounds and eat some lunch. On our way to the snorkel spot, we saw a HUMPBACK WHALE!!! We dove in for a long snorkel and spotted many cool fish. Dan and Chris even saw a squid! We went back to the boat for some much deserved (and much needed) showers. We ended the night with lasagna and mind games, then finally went to bed.