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Australia - 2011, Session 2

Surfing AUS

Location: Sydney

After hours of flying, we finally arrived in the scenic city of Sydney. We stopped at the hostel for showers, breakfast, and a quick program run through. As skipper, I was given the job of navigating the group to our next destination - Manly Beach. With some help from the desk clerk and the rest of the group, we arrived safely and on time. Once at Manly Beach we hit the supermarket for some bread, deli meats, peanut butter, jelly and duck and chicken crackers. After scarfing down the sandwiches and questioning the ingredients of duck and chicken chips, we set out for surfing lessons. Despite the cold outside the water was delightful. Everyone enjoyed surfing. After, we enjoyed the Australian delicacy, meat pies, which were delicious. Then we headed home on the ferry ride, getting some amazing pictures of the Sydney skyline. Overall it was a fantastic day!