Location: The Whitsundays

We all got up at 5 a.m. to catch an early flight from Sydney to Brisbane. We waited at Brisbane airport for a few hours before catching another short flight to the Proserpine/ Whitsunday Coast Airport (not actually in Proserpine). Amazing views of clear blue and green water could be seen from our plane windows. We arrived at the tiny airport in the Whitsundays and from there caught a bus to get to a marina where our ship would be leaving from. On the bus ride, we saw giant mountains covered in trees to our right, and could catch glimpses of the beautiful ocean and beaches to our left. Our bus driver was a little weird but very helpful in pointing out different sights as we headed toward Airley Beach in the Whitsundays. We got dropped at the marina and after a short wait boarded our sailing vessel, Eureka II, where we will spend the next three days and nights living. We somehow managed to fit our luggage onto the boat and set sail towards the Whitsunday Islands. We all helped raise sails and learned some basics of sailing on a boat like Eureka II. After watching a beautiful sunset from the ship, we had a great dinner of roasted chicken and vegetables. After dinner, we completed our first Lifeworks Forum and learned the basic idea of how to run the programs. Then we sat on the deck watching the hundreds of bright stars surrounding the moon which looked the brightest I had ever seen it. After the long day, we went back to our cabins for our first night of sleep aboard the ship.