Location: Whitsundays

We were allowed to sleep in until 8:00 this morning. The first thing we did today, was get a quick briefing on snorkeling. Then we all loaded up in the dingy with all our snorkel gear and went snorkeling in the beautiful blue water. While snorkeling, there were tons of colorful fish and coral. Near the end of the dive, a turtle was spotted! It was very calm and allowed us to swim with it for a while. Once back on the boat from our snorkeling adventure, we prepared for a short sail to One Foot Island. The tide was extremely low, and we walked from one island to another. During this walk, we looked for whales and turtles. Unfortunately, none were spotted. Once back on the boat for the second time today, we prepared for a longer sail. We helped raise the sails and move them while sailing. Dinner was served shortly after we dropped anchor for the night. It was a delicious reef fish with rice and veggies. After dinner, the boys on the boat decided to partake in “ninja training.” After ninja training, we went to the bow of the boat a looked at the stars, even though it was cloudy out. Some people fell asleep on the bow bringing our fantastic day to an end.