Location: Great Barrier Reef

Today was a sunny morning in Cairns where we took a bus to the marina and boarded our temporary diving vessel, Sea Quest. We finally took our first glimpse of the majestic Great Barrier Reef, and everything was even more than we expected, there were colossal coral formations of different shapes and sizes exposing beautiful colors all around and tons of fish, including Nemo. Inside these corals, we even saw a fish called a “cleaner wrasse” nibbling the parasites of a cod, and the cod, benefiting from this service, opened his gills to the wrasse and allowed it to clean inside them. After three dives and descending while doing front flips, we went on one of the most amazing night dives. During this dive we saw our first white-tip shark, with its eyes glowing in the darkness and very alert because they always hunt at night, followed by huge packs of very dark fish that used our flashlights to hunt and if your light fell on a smaller species of fish they were instantly eaten. Overall, this was one of the highlights of our trip and a day we definitely won’t forget.