Location: Cairns

The girls woke up this morning to the sweet sound of the male folk making breakfast. We ate some croissants and Nutella, then jumped on a cab to the aboriginal tjupukiu, a type of cultural park where we watched a show on digeridoos, native folk tales, and tribal dancing. After a quick presentation on weapons and natural bush foods, we each got to try our hand at spear throwing and boomerang wielding. We had a major jam session where some of us figured out how to play the didgeridoo while waiting for the cab to drop us off at the hotel. We had a quick Thanksgiving lunch and went on a shopping exposition. The girls spent almost all of their money while the guys emptied their wallets for food. We grabbed some Subway sandwiches for dinner and went to a reef teach where we learned about all the types of marine life we would see on the Great Barrier Reef. It was interesting, and the presenter was funny. We caught a cab home and reminisced about the 2/3 of the trip already finished.