Location: Great Barrier Reef

If there was ever a day on this trip that guaranteed everyone a good night’s sleep, it would be today. The certified divers of the group awoke early this morning to dive before breakfast with the sunrise. Diving underwater while witnessing the ocean wake from its slumber was spectacular. Afterwards we ate breakfast and prepared for the many remaining dives. Two amazing dives occupied the morning for most of the group while the remaining members enjoyed snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. A delicious lunch followed by pages of books being lazily turned and napping beneath the sparkling Australian sun preceded an equally incredible afternoon dive. By dinnertime the group had completed four dives or snorkeling sessions and we felt the toll it was taking. Many exciting species were spotted on the reef today such as barracuda, multiple sting rays, poisonous lionfish, and enormous bat fish. Even though we were all exhausted the night dive approached quickly and unyielding. We glanced over the stern of the ship and witnessed what rested in the water below. Dozens of large reef sharks and giant grouper swirled around the edge of the boat where divers commonly make their leap into the water. The group perked up and hopped willingly into the shark-infested waters which made for a very exciting night dive. Countless sharks, crustaceans, large fish, and an immense sting ray later we gathered around the TV to finish a movie before drifting off into a deep, good night’s sleep.