Location: Blue Mountains Syndey

This morning we woke up bright and early to prepare for what was to be a physically exhausting, yet rewarding and picturesque day! We spent the majority of the day hiking in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia. When we first got to the Blue Mountains, we saw several kangaroos and a poisonous spider. I know we were all surprised by how close we got to the kangaroos! After observing the unique wildlife, Australia has to offer we drove to another location on the Blue Mountains to begin hiking down to a waterfall. Our hike consisted of a seemingly never-ending series of stairs, but also- several breathtaking viewpoints. During our hike, our talkative guide Smokey taught us a lot about the different types of plants in the rainforest and the Aboriginal people who are indigenous to Australia. Finally, we reached the bottom. When we looked up, we saw a beautiful waterfall, and we all took advantage of this Kodak moment. After admiring this amazing waterfall, we embarked on our treacherous hike back up those steep series of stairs. By the time we had reached the top we had all worked up an appetite and had lunch. After lunch, we drove to yet another location in the Blue Mountains, where we walked down nearly 1,000 stairs to ride the world’s steepest railway all the way back up! It was quite an amazing experience, and I’m sure we will not soon forget it. By this point, we were all thoroughly exhausted and returned to Sydney for a dinner of Fish and Chips! If today had a theme, I would say it was STAIRS, maybe even too many stairs. In this case, however, the ends did justify the means, and the stairs were well worth the breathtaking views, picturesque scenes, and memories we experienced.