Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We began the day anchored at Sandy Spit, where we had our barbecue the night before. It was a relatively relaxed morning; we ate a chill breakfast consisting of cereal and many of our crew slept in longer than we normally would have been able to. We headed out at around 9:20 AM and sailed around Sandy Cay before heading to West End, where we had begun the trip. It was kind of depressing seeing the place where this whole adventure had started and realized that we only had a few precious days left. West End was another shore opportunity for our ship and many other AQ boats. We went ashore and got food at Omar’s Cafe and I had waffles with bacon; something you don’t realize how much you miss until you’ve gone without it. After eating and walking around, we met up with all the all the other shipmate skippers to brief about the race. The race was between seven of the AQ monohulls from Soper’s Hole marina all the way to Great Harbor on Peter Island. We officially started the race around 3 PM and we didn’t finish until 6 PM. It was a really fun and intense experience and I had the privilege of experiencing it from the position of skipper. It was a real challenge to lead the ship and all the organization necessary to manage the crew and make sure all the rules were assigned. The entire day was very sailing heavy and I had a great time. I imagine that on other boats there may be other issues that just don’t apply to us because of how connected we all are. It has been an amazing day and amazing trip (so far). We finally are ending the day with a Mexican style dinner cooked by Elena and Laura. I can’t wait until tomorrow.