Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we woke up to the smell of French toast and coffee. After enjoying a nice breakfast in the middle of Muskmelon Bay we had a ship-wide cleanup. After our ship was squeaky clean we set off on a waterskiing adventure in which I ingested 12 gallons of water falling off a wakeboard. After an hour of watersports we returned to our ship and started to set up our scuba gear. When we were all geared up we jumped into the different world that existed only a few meters under us. We saw a large variety of coral and it’s fish inhabitants. We also practiced scuba skills consisting of emergency ascents, mask clearing, and a very high stakes game of underwater rock paper scissors. We soon ascended to the surface for mac and cheese and Pringles and then returned to the water for our certification dives! I along with my dive buddies Johnny and Eddie set our dive course and planned our route, though we got lost. All was good however as we still passed and became PADI open water divers! After we surfaced to the boat and fully de-kitted we started to set sail off to Sandy Spit for a beach barbecue! Currently we are filling our water tanks in beautiful Cane Garden Bay. I am really going to miss these guys when we have to leave in a few days.