Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Our morning was full of one task after the next. Starting at 4:30 in the morning we began our voyage to Salt Island. When we arrived we began to prepare our scuba gear, and dove to the depths lit by the morning sun. Our objective was to explore a sunken ship by the name of RMS Rhone. After a short swim, we arrived at the ship’s stern. Approximately 8 feet in diameter was the propeller, which sat in a cavity sufficiently wide for us to swim through. Inside was a city of marine life sheltered from the intense current that surrounded it. Upon exiting the propeller cavity on the opposite side, we were greeted by a curious sea turtle that seemed unafraid of our presence. The sea turtle swam within three feet of us, looked at us with interest, and calmly swam away. Afterward, we hiked on the island that overlooked the wreck. From the very top of the mountain, we could see Ocean Star, one of Seamester’s vessels. We were transported back in time, with no roads, power lines, or shopping centers to suggest otherwise. On the way back we found a coconut on the beach. I was able to open the coconut and we all enjoyed the water and meat contained in it. We then began a sail theory chat and were tested on our knot competency. Afterward, we had lunch and set up a boom swing, which was simply a rope attached to the boom over the water.