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British Virgin Islands - 2018, Session 3

Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End, Tortola

Two sessions have successfully completed and even though we’ve had to say farewell to a lot of new friends, the crew of Tropical Oasis is super excited for the arrival of our session three shipmates. Onboard with us this session are 7 ActionQuest first-timers who will be learning to dive and sail over the coming weeks, plus 1 shipmate completing their Advanced diving level, along with 2 Divemaster candidates inbound who will be working toward their first professional level dive certification. Once again we will be aboard our 51-foot monohull Tropical Oasis which has served us very well over the summer so far. We are excited for a phenomenal group and Andy, Hannah & I could not be more thrilled to be on the water again together. From sailing to hiking, water-skiing to beach barbecues and of course a lot of diving; we are ready to make it happen! Stay tuned for more to come from the wonderful crew of Tropical Oasis; ‘fun-bathing' in the BVIs.

Here is an introduction to the crew of Tropical Oasis:

Simon- Skipper/Dive Instructor

Simon first joined the AQ team in 2013 as a dive instructor and is now a skipper and diving director, returning this year for his fourth summer. He has been introducing divers to the amazing underwater world for over a decade now and has dived in 30+ countries around the world, from South Africa to Galapagos, Egypt to Australia and Honduras to Palau (though not in his home country of Scotland surprisingly!). When not on or under the water, Simon enjoys long distance running as a way to explore new villages, towns, and cities around the world and recently completed his first full marathon in New York. When teaching, he especially enjoys seeing a new diver’s face light up after their first experience in the water, as well as helping more experienced divers fulfill their own potential as dive professionals. Simon has his MCA Yachtmaster Ocean 200t rating with 40,000 nautical miles of sailing experience, plus is a PADI Master Instructor, CPR/First Aid Instructor Trainer, Cave, and Technical Diver.

Andy- Dive Instructor/Mate

This will be Andy’s 3rd year with AQ and he can't wait to meet his new crew and the people who will make the summer so special. He’s spent the last years traveling, learning different techniques, and being a part of communities in Central America. He lives 5 months of each year in Guatemala, being a part of his community there. He can often be found dancing, singing, meditating, practicing yoga, cooking some delicious treats, and exploring the oceans. After 2014 when he became an Instructor, his love for the ocean and everything in it has grown and grown. He can’t wait to return for another AQ summer this year!

Hannah- Dive Instructor/Mate

Hannah started diving at the age of 12 in the UK – although the water was cold, it was an amazing beginning to her diving career. She’s since qualified as both a PADI and BSAC instructor and is also a First Aid/ CPR instructor, Deep, Wreck, Navigation, Enriched Air and Underwater Photography instructor. Her true love is wreck diving, and she’s been lucky enough to dive some incredible sites across the world – her favorite being the SS Yongala off the east coast of Australia. When she’s not diving she can be found in the mountains, as she’s also a skiing instructor!