Location: Marina Cay

Today was a blue day, only in positive ways. Such as, the ocean happened to be a shade of blue as well as the sky. It was very Picasso slash Jimmy Hendrix looking. I woke up to the words of Evan saying “Jordan, you’re the skipper.” I reluctantly took a mental energy drink and jolted myself to my feet. After gaining my composure, I walked to the list of jobs and read the skipper’s job. I shut my eyes, read it again, shut my eyes for a second time, and slipped into a laughing panic attack. I carried on as if I was meant to be a skipper, which I wasn’t meant to be. For example, all my ship terms come from either Titanic or Pirates of the Caribbean. However, the day turned out not to be a day filled with confusion. In the morning I went snorkeling. In the afternoon I sailed in 100 different directions. We anchored and went to a place called Pusser’s, where I bought two packs of M and Ms. In later afternoon into the night we listened to a recording of a man named Jim Tuman. It was motivational and extremely moving. Everyone was dead silent and attentively listening. A completely unexpected day turned into an unforgettable day. Cool.