Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

It’s always rough when you wake up to the voice that tells you; you’re the skipper today. To my surprise, it was quite nice ordering everyone around. I got to yell at people to wake up, and I was to choose what music I would put on. However, all of this yelling, complaining, and working to get everything up and running was pointless, as it turned out to be quite a lazy morning. We ate massive amounts of french toast for breakfast and threw on our sunscreen and PFDs as we sat on our boat and napped, waiting for our boat to motor into the harbor of Trellis Bay. At this port, I probably had one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had, and everyone at ActionQuest would agree. This place was just like all the other ports we’ve been to, one place to eat, a market, and a small art shop with pottery and jewelry. After the few hours at port, it was time to set sail. And after what seemed like an hour of trying to motor out of the harbor, we began sailing circles. These are where each crew member gets a chance to steer the boat and command his/her crew in practicing different positions of sailing. To my amazement, day 12 was undoubtedly our best day of sailing yet, as everyone was working together and on top of things. Those people who had absolutely nothing to do enjoyed a short nap to rejuvenate themselves. After a hard day of sailing, we enjoyed a throwback to our first week here, eating chili for dinner. Salt water showers are always nice because of course, you need to shower after swimming in the ocean. Tonight we watched one of Jason’s favorite sailing movies called White Squall, starring Jeff Bridges. While most people were too tired to stay awake for the movie, I enjoyed it very much.