Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

It’s Day 10, and Wicked Good is starting to earn its name. We’ve powered through some intense sails and a few exciting dives, and we’re finally starting to understand what boat life entails. With an outstanding 100% pass rate on our open water scuba exams, I can’t wait to see everyone own the sailing tests later on. James just recently decided to step it up a notch and joined the advanced sailing program. Today Amy took the helm and worked on getting the boat sorted out as our skipper of the day. Hannah has shown off a few of her knot tying skills with a nice bowline behind her back, along with some outstanding work on the main sheet! When the time came to windsurf, Louis was an absolute pro and probably could have done it blindfolded. As for Miguel, he showed some expert halyard skills. McKibbin tried out being skipper for a bit and helped lead an awesome sail. Carmen jumped in and had a shot at the helm and did a great job directing the shipmates. Annie got into some of the line work and has been working on points of sail with her fellow shipmates. Sean has been getting a great workout with the jib sheets and has a handle on our sailing terminology. Jordan, Josh, and Eric have been keeping us laughing, particularly with a hilarious “jibe-ho!” during our last sail, along with a true understanding of what was going on on deck. Our Quest shipmates, Annie, James, and Jordan, have participated in several community service projects with the Lifeworks program, including playing sports some particularly energetic children at an after-school program. Today they will take a snorkel over the dive site as the rest of the boat dives. The Vegas are completing their first open water dive today- only three left until certification! As their dive instructor, I can say they rock. Jason and Anna agree on the sailing end- watching them grab lines, direct others, and sail along successfully have been a pleasure to watch. We can’t wait for the second half of the trip!