Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

I awoke to the beautiful sight of my new bud, Will, sleeping directly across from me. After my quick bite of cereal was the hike. I thought this hike was going to be easy, but it presented a challenge. For the first hour or so of the hike, my friends and I made it up the toughest part of the hike which wasn’t easy. After that, however, the hike became a somewhat easy thing with some flat ground. Nathan and I reached the final summit and ware greeted with a gift shop that sells some delicious banana smoothies. After demolishing those drinks, we were ready to get to the finish line. Once there, we wrote our names in the book and realized that we finished 81st and 82nd out of 160 or so. The hike down presented new challenges, like controlling my speed on the steep parts, and making sure my knees didn’t take too much from the stomps. After we got down the many hills, we had a great lunch on a beautiful beach. After that lunch, we sailed over to a dive spot called the Playgrounds. I didn’t dive, but from what I heard, it was a great dive. But now time for the BBQ at Sidney’s which should be a ton of fun!