Location: Marina Cay

We arose from our slumber at 6.17am. Today was Lance’s birthday, and right after I woke up, I made sure everyone told him a happy birthday! We all ate our moderately soupy oatmeal and made our way to Shark Point for our first dive. During the dive, I saw more fish than I have seen this whole trip. We went through an unbelievable swim-threw, where we saw thousands of baitfish balled up with tarpon surrounding it. After the dive, we pumped our tanks, tanned, and ate quesadillas, made by Nathan and Alex. We soon after set up our dive gear and prepared for dive number two at the Pinnacles. After we left the dive, we had about an hour of relaxed time. We all tanned again and hung out. For dinner, we ate Thai chicken and refueled and got water in preparation for “the longest day” which is tomorrow. We have now concluded the night eating cake for Lances birthday. Ohhh and I forgot, Nathan and I bought Lance a cake from a tiny store and the instructions were in Spanish. We made that cake after lunch because we wanted Lance to have two cakes!