Location: Antigua

What better way to start the day than sleeping! Because of our late arrival that morning – about 2 am – everyone onboard Beez Chaser had the luxury of the once-in-a-session sleep-in. Everyone was exhausted, so this was greatly appreciated! After a 7:15 wake up to some awesome tunes, the crew was up and at em washing dishes and cleaning the boat after the wonderfully messy underway dinner of chili the previous night. Once the boat was somewhat clean, we took a short boogie on over to the fuel dock to replenish our nearly empty fuel tanks! With the fuel sorted, we went to join our partner in crime – Annie Daydreaming – on a dock that we could stay for extended periods of time. It was time to start everyones favorite part of the day: getting the whole boat clean. This means scrubbing, washing, brushing, spraying, and any other cleaning that needed to be done. At first the task looked grim; we only had one bucket that we could haul water with, and we had to clean the whole boat with it. Then came the piece of redeeming news: we could use the dock hose to clean the boat and heads! Now to most, this might not seem like a big deal, but to a crew of ten kids who have been hauling water with a bucket for ten days, this was like an angel in disguise. Thus commenced the best cleaning I have ever wanted to do! Spraying water everywhere, getting wet, and having fun – what more could we ask for? Finally, everything was sparkling! Feeling good with ourselves, we started a tour around a shipyard and had some wonderful shore time. Unfortunately, we had a shortage of apples, but hopefully we will rectify that soon. At last, a wonderful dinner under the stars, some more cleaning, and a great squeeze.Signing off, Captain Fish