Location: Antigua

Today we woke up to the beautiful sight of Antigua and the smell of mouth-watering pancakes. Our talented chefs had a lot of fun expressing their creativity in the form of different pancake shapes. After breakfast everyone joined their respective sail chat groups and had a lot of fun learning more about the endless world of sailing. We were also able to enjoy a few hours of shore time to explore the island, call family, friends and eat lunch. The smoothies here are definitely worth a try! Everyone finally gathered for a scenic hike up the mountain, Shirley Heights, and admire the stunning views from the top. Wearing flip flops was not the best idea but luckily we were able to take a taxi on the way down. After we returned to the docks, shipmates from both boats worked together to prepare the event of the day, our first real barbecue! Everyone was able to enjoy a very fulfilling meal and was given the opportunity to form stronger bonds with the other boat’s shipmates. At the end of our delicious and social meal, it was great to see all of us working together even while completing a task as mundane as cleaning-up after dinner. Now everyone is trying to prepare themselves for their respective certification exams. I hope that we will be able to achieve everything we have set for ourselves; and look forward to all the new adventures we have yet to experience on this trip!