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Caribbean Leeward Islands - 2017, Session 2

First Exciting Sail for Beez Chaser

Location: Norman Island

The first real night on our boat was different for everyone, some slept well, and some needed a little more time to get accustomed to the motions of our boat. Nevertheless, everyone woke up excited for the adventures that thus day might bring. For breakfast, we had some cereal with milk and fruit. Then we had some time to get snacks from the local supermarket. After everyone returned to the boat, the preparations for our first sail over to Norman Island began. The short sail itself was really exciting and every had the opportunity to try out every job and there was was ever time for relaxing ourselves. After we arrived at our destination we headed off to the shore and started our hike onto Spyglass Mountain. It was one of the most exhausting hikes Have ever personally been on, and it is supposed to be one of the easier hike that we are going to complete. The amount of sweat everyone produced could fill a few bottles . . . The swim test after our first hike was our savior and I think every looked forward to just being able to cool off in the water, luckily everyone on our boat passed it and we were able to have our first saltwater shower in the sea! Now we are able to enjoy a little but of down time as we are waiting for dinner, were having Sloppy Joe! I am curious how it will taste and what kind off adventures our journey will bring.