Location: Nevis to Antigua

When we we woke up this morning we were excited for the challenge of the passage for Antigua, yet we had no idea what kind of difficulties lay ahead. It almost seemed as if everything was trying to prevent us from getting to our destination! The waves were voracious and brutal, we were low on gas for the majority of the passage, and the jib sheet even snapped. However, despite the many obstacles; we were able to prevail through positivity and will power.Although the passage was brutal and challenging, there was a plethora of great memories that were shared along the way. For example, we played many fun and exhilarating games to get to know each other and to pass the time. We also saw many beautiful things along the way, such as: a view of the stars unadulterated by any forms of artificial light, several sea creatures, and an amazing sunset that could take your breath away. Finally, after all of these incredible and challenging moments we went to sleep; dreaming of the possibilities that the next day would bring.