Location: Statia

Today was full of surprises! We awoke early to the sun just settling into the sky above the jagged rocks of Saba’s coast. After a quick breakfast of cereal and fruit, we prepared the boat for our short passage to Sint Eustatius. After we slipped our mooring and raised our sails, we set off on our eighteen-mile trek to Statia. After a four-hour voyage of high winds and large swells, we dropped our anchor in Oranje Bay, Statia’s largest city. Despite not being planned, we were lucky enough to get to spend some time on land and explore all that Oranje Bay had to offer. Although brief, our time in Oranje Bay was enriching, entertaining, and interesting. After two historical sites and a museum, we headed back down to the harbor to buy some trinkets and wait for our dinghy back to the boat. Once back, we spent some time swimming and went diving off the side of the boat.