Location: Statia to Nevis

Today we woke up early for scuba in the morning and then sailing in the afternoon. We ate boat breakfast and then went to land for land breakfast and then went scuba diving at a 60ft wreck. Wow! I love ActionQuest so so much much. The scuba diving was swell and we saw fish, turtles and sea spiders. The water was as clear as glass, and cold as ice. Outside of the water, though, the visibility was subpar. After that we went on to the our boat, ate and then set off to Nevis. We had the great sailing from Statia to Nevis, it was about a six hour sail with strong wind. We were all able to take turns on the helm and got some experience sailing in the heavier winding conditions. Also a bunch of us were able to spend some time cooking underway which was neat. Making dinner was interesting as our boat was heeling over the entire time. Later the teachers forced us into the freezing water in the middle of the night for a shower and then we all went to sleep.