Location: Saba

Today was an exciting day! We woke up to the magnificent view, with clouds hanging at the peak of the mountain. After a breakfast of fruit and cereal, we started to prepare for our hike of Mount Scenery, the highest point in the Netherlands. After an eventful wet-landing, with water up to our waists on Saba’s only beach, Wells Beach. We took a small hike to meet our taxi. After a short ride, we arrived at The Bottom, the capital of the island, where we continued to hike to the top of the mountain. After a short rest, we started hiking. At a split in the trail, some of the group decided to go straight to Windward town, while others, including me, decided to continue to the top. Once at the top, there wasn’t a very good view because we were in the clouds, but we could say that we were at the highest point in the Netherlands. On the way down we took a different path to Windward Town where we went shopping and glass making. At Joebean’s glass making shop we made beads and bought other cool glass items. After our decent back from Windward town and a quick dinghy ride back to the boat we had a delicious dinner of pasta and hotdogs followed by “brownookies” (brownies on top of chocolate chip cookies) for Elise’s birthday. Tonight we are having a movie night and watching Cool Runnings.