Location: Marina Cay

We’re almost halfway through, and if the last half flies by as fast as the first, it will become obvious to us all that our time aboard Luna Kahuna was not long enough. Cat, Adam, and I are all amazed by how well everyone had adapted to life on a boat and how close everyone has become in such a short period of time. Every shipmate has exceeded our expectations in the rescue program, and we’re excited to see how they perform in the rescue scenarios. Mary Payton has been a friend to everyone and doesn’t go more than a minute without a smile on her face. Charlie, or “Young Chuck,” has been a huge help with everything that needs to get done around the boat, and is never shy to teach another shipmate something that he has learned on the trip. Cameron and Molly have been a force in the rescue program, and become good friends along the way. Kevin, or “BoBo,” and Tanner have been making the entire group laugh, and have kept motivations high. Merry Moore and Lily have also maintained great attitudes throughout the entire trip, even when the group spent over three hours in the water one day for rescue exercises. JP has truly stepped up as a leader, which will be much needed in the upcoming week. Zack has also been a trooper throughout the hardest rescue training sessions, and his calm and collected attitude is contagious among the rest of the group. Brian has been a good friend to all and has been killing it in the rescue program, along with Brandon. Finally, Maddie B. and Maddie G. have been making everyone smile with their charisma and original dance moves. Even though the trip is flying by, we can at least say that we have been taking advantage of every opportunity available.