Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was an extremely fun day! We woke up at seven am sharp to cook amazing french toast coated with cinnamon, Nutella, and peanut butter. After a quick clean up while we danced to music, we sailed over to the Chacuzzi; we dived the shipwreck at about 80ft deep. To our surprise, a blacktip reef shark swam right towards us! The experience got even better when a gigantic southern stingray came up from the sand! While we were sailing, we were lucky enough to catch glimpses of two dolphins swimming right by the catamaran. Our final destination of the day was Musk Mellon Bay, and we arrived there after a long relaxing sail. We quickly showered and danced in the crystal clear blue Caribbean Ocean. We cooked a delicious chili and rice dinner and devoured it because the fun day left us starving. All of us completed our oxygen emergency course knowledge review, so we did our lecture after cleaning up dinner. After an exhausting yet calming adventure, we were all still excited about spotting three extraordinary sea creatures. Finally, we took pictures of the beautiful sunset and felt sleep wash over us. We slept under a clear sky filled with bright stars and shooting stars, so we could be energized and ready for the day that awaits us all.