Location: Marina Cay

Today we woke up bright and early to the smell of pancakes cooking in the galley. After a delicious breakfast, we sailed to the Alice and Wonderland reef and dove among the gorgeous corals and colorful fish. We even saw a lobster! Two-by-two we surfaced and climbed back on board and broke down our dive gear while struggling to keep our balance in the waves. Next, we raised the sails again and made our way to Trellis Bay, where we restocked on food, water, and propane. We also got shore time! Onshore, we visited little beachside shops, ate burgers and fries at a little restaurant, and stocked up on snacks for the boat in the marketplace. Around 4:00, we took our dinghy, Crush, back to Luna Kahuna, and motored to a mooring ball just across the way and had shower time jam sesh. As soon as everybody was clean, we served up tortellini and garlic bread for dinner. Once everybody was finished, we began clean-up (while having another jam sesh). Now we’re getting ready to have a camp-wide Lifeworks session on land with Mike. Following that, we’ll make our way back to Luna Kahuna and catch up on some much-needed zzzzzz after today’s fun and eventful day!