Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today’s morning was rather rough, being since I was the skipper, I had to wake up first, then actually do something with my life and wake up the entire boat. Then we had some scrumptious cereal to start the day. We started the day at 8, and wakeboarded for a couple of hours and was neat because I was getting some air and Jay-Man was teaching me to do a 180. Then we had probably the best part of the day, which was our first actual scuba dive. We just dived twenty feet down and hung with some fish. I liked it. Then we ate some grilled cheese. We then practiced what to do in man overboard situations when sailing, and our boat managed to lose the fender to the ocean. We then learned how to read charts which weren’t as boring as it sounds. For dinner, we had the best meal yet, which was Thanksgiving dinner.