Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Ten days into our trip, the crew of Peeps has been having a ball! For season veterans like Ivy, Amber, and Adam, remembering old skills has been a breeze. For the rest, it took no time at all to learn boat handling skills, and we were virtually able to hand the boat over to our shipmates within the first week aboard. Sara’s new sail handling skills have not gone unnoticed, and yesterday Caisha, our skipper of the day, flawlessly sailed us right onto our mooring! We’ve also been having a blast getting to know each other’s quirks and talents: from Conchi’s massage skills to Max’s monkey-like climbing abilities, to red’s HUGE love for diving, to Texas’ love for singing Miley Cyrus, to Kayla’s hometown tradition of taco-ing, Peeps has seen a lot of diversity so far! Isaac and Adam have even found a few ways to make cleaning the boat fun, and as a result, our boat exterior is sparkling! I’ve also had a fantastic time diving with Alana, Steele, and the other Neptunes; they have now completed their advanced open water certification, and we have some great dives to look forward to in the next ten days. The Dolphins are hard at work on their research projects and are getting really into their underwater photography.

We’re looking forward to sunny skies and fair winds ahead!