Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Everyone woke up bright and early, still tired from interrupted sleep due to the unexpected showers throughout the night. After some delicious eggs and muffins, the Dolphins did their first research dive with quadrants and figuring the difference in substrate at different depths while the Neptunes dove the wreck of the Fearless. Then we learned the anatomy of a starfish in a dissection while gaining a better understanding of the water vascular system of these creatures. The grilled cheese and Ramen noodles for lunch reminded us of our moms’ home-cooked meals. After lunch and a good nap, we dive again. Dolphins went to the anchor of the Rhone, the wreck we saw yesterday. The Neptunes dove off the back of the boat for a fun-dive was well. These dives were a great time to refresh and test our skills underwater. Deliverance came to our boat, and we all stocked up on ice cream and other goodies. The rest of the day was spent relaxing; enjoying the rain and swimming and boat showers. Dinner was a fantastic meal; a full Thanksgiving dinner cooked beautifully by our chefs of the day. It was such a success that guests decided to join us for dinner. Now it’s time for a night of relaxation!