Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up to yet another beautiful BVI sunrise! After breakfast we motored over to the Rhone where we heard the history of this amazing shipwreck. The Peeps explored the wreck through a swim through, viewing several species of fish and an abundant array of coral. This artificial reef held two massive lobsters that blew our mind! Following our ascent, we hiked Salt Island, stopping to gaze at the cemetery of the passed passengers whose bodies had been recovered. A few photos and a quick rest later, we sailed back to GHP. This sail wasn’t like any other sail, though. As skipper, I led the sail wing on wing where upon arrival we pulled off the feat of sailing onto a mooring ball without using our engines. Bryant was more excited than a kid in a candy shop, which happened to be half of the boat’s favorite part of the day. The staff had a surprise in store for us. The boom swing was set up when we returned from our snorkel. Everybody enjoyed themselves doing some “raw” tricks that kept everyone entertained for hours until a delicious dinner of chicken Caesar salad. Following dinner we descended down to navigate our second night dive. It was awesome! With the smell of brownies lingering in the air, the Peeps are circled around discussing how we turned mission impossible into mission possible. Peeps out!