Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today the skies were clear, and the birds were singing. We woke up bright and early, ready for rotation day number two. We started with wakeboarding. We had a good wakeboard sesh, and no one got injured. Our next rotation was snorkeling the mangroves. We took the two dinghies over there and raced. Our dinghy, Stealth, is more sneaky than fast, so we lost. Snorkeling was cool. There was a lot of cool fish. There was one fish trapped in a lobster cage, and we tried to save it, but our mission was a failure. We also saw a large tarpon and some stingrays. We raced the dinghies back to the boat again, and Stealth lost again. We had PB+Js for lunch, and Jon made a quintuple decker PB+J sandwich. After lunch, I split from the group to go scuba diving while they went windsurfing. The dive was fun, but it wasn’t super exciting. We just did some underwater navigation skills. When I joined back up with the group, some of us played beach volleyball with the students on Wicked Good. Doug, the inflatable dolphin, was there to make sure we didn’t cheat. Our last rotation was knot tying. We all learned some new knots that will be helpful for hanging the hammocks. For the squeeze, my question was about diving, and whenever we start talking about diving, we end up asking Jake about his experiences with nitrogen narcosis. Dinner was delicious, and Nick ended up scraping every last bite out of the bowl. Everyone is super excited for our first sail talk tonight, and more scuba diving and other activities tomorrow.