Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we stayed at Vixen Point for the whole day. We learned to windsurf, and it was hilarious to watch people fall as they learned. John was the only one who did not fall and was good at it. After half of us went waterskiing and the other half waited on Maggie-B for our turn. When it was my turn to go waterskiing John, and I stood up on the wakeboard within a few tries. It is always funny to watch people fall as they try, but it is great when they succeed. As the next rotation came around our boat got to go snorkeling with one of the best dive instructors ever, Roxy. We saw lobsters, many small fish, a stingray, some barracudas, and some jellyfish. For dinner, we had tomato stroganoff. It tasted very good, and there were no leftovers. Today was a great day, but I can’t wait for tomorrow.