Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was our first-day diving. I dove with Tom and Johnny and our instructor was Hannah. We practiced basic diving skills and maneuvering and learned a lot of important stuff. She was a patient and helpful instructor. After scuba diving, we were trained by Elise and Tom to dock and undock safely before we went out in the dinghies and learned how to drive them. Then they left and Elise came back in a super dinghy and took me, Johnny, John, and Lauren waterskiing. John, Johnny, and I failed pretty miserably, then it was Lauren’s turn and she showed us all how it was done. One of the highlights of this was when I got dropped off the skis but didn’t let go of the line, causing me to be dragged several meters face first through the water. Then we were taken to the beach where sailed ‘Zests’ and windsurfed. I went out in a Zest, sailing with John and we capsized twice. Everyone else went out on other sailboats or just stayed on the beach. After that, I went sailing some more before we headed back to the boat to shower and make dinner. Laura and Elena cooked a fantastic dinner. They cooked alfredo pasta and hot dogs with help from Andy. The divemasters apparently did a ton of cool stuff today, learning how to demonstrate scuba skills and assisting with some open water classes. What a great day, I don’t know how ActionQuest can get better as the session goes on!