Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was the first time I, along with several other people, learned how to sail! We woke up to a cacophony of sounds consisting of our shipmates waking up and the sound of the flags whipping against the wind. Our breakfast consisted of cereal and pineapple. Shortly after we had a safety discussion with camp director Mike! No time was wasted as we swiftly pulled away from the dock and began to set sail. Our journey to Savanna Bay was a rocky one, as we braced ourselves against the waves and enjoyed the nature around us. We stopped at Cooper Island after a few hours of sailing and took our swim test in the water as blue as the Gatorade we were served. We soon set off and reach Savanna Bay while learning how to set up scuba gear. The rest of the day consisted of showers and learning how to set anchor. We ended a long exciting day with sloppy Joe’s and a diving lesson.