Location: Great Dog

Today was a relaxing day. I like just relaxing with my fellow crew. We set sail at 5:30 am. I slept lightly later, though, haha. It was a beautiful sail this morning, listening to classical music, among other genres, gave variety to this unique sail. Watching the huge Caribbean sun to beautiful classical songs was a moment to remember. Once we got to Anegada, we set anchor and made scrumptious eggs, fruit, and cereal. After cleanup, we dinghied ourselves over and relaxed on the beautiful, soft, sandy beach for a couple of hours. Playing and burying each other in the sand was really fun! After that, we drove back for lunch of yummy grilled cheese sandwiches and salad. Then we set sail for the Dogs. Since I am skipper, I was appointed to the helm, which is difficult but fun to steer a 50-foot boat! Once we got to the Dogs, I got a mooring with Celine and Karl. We ate a yummy dinner of risotto, salad, and chicken. After dinner, we always have our entertaining squeeze. I thought of imitating each other. It was hilarious, to say the least! Our boat always adds something to our clap. All the skippers add something new. Today was very relaxing and pleasant. After getting up early to watching people fall asleep on the deck in the sunrise to swimming in Anegada to sailing to cracking up during our squeeze, I enjoyed it all. Can’t wait for more days like this.