Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The day commenced as any good day does, with some glorious instant oatmeal! We left port shortly thereafter and were broad reaching down the steep, rocky coast in no time, going at about 5 1/2 knots using only the jib. Excellent wind! We arrived in yet another beautiful bay and began our half-day of rotation. We were all given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make successive face plants while trying to waterski, but it was still entertaining- both watching and participating. For lunch, we made ham sandwiches, tried to eat the aforementioned sandwiches but really ended up scattering lettuce and onion everywhere. Refreshed with iced tea and Gatorade, we set out for the highlight of the day- diving. For beginners such as myself, we finally, after days of eager anticipation, were deemed fit to complete our first real dive. Feeling like superheroes, we descended about thirty feet of depth and began exploring the seafloor, where we found a vast assortment of novel sea creatures. There were big fish, small fish, round fish, square fish, shiny fish, colorful fish and in general quite a few fish. We spotted a couple of weird lobster/crab creatures that were covered in spines and sat vigilant in small openings. For dinner, our boat had delicious tortillas, which made the designated deck cleaners cringe due to a large number of beans and salsa on the floor. This was compounded by the midday game of tossing peanuts and failing to catch them in your mouth. Not a good day for the deckies, though good fun for the rest. All of the day’s activity culminated in two things: beginners taking a long but necessary theory test and the advanced divers going on their first-night dive, which, as I have heard, was a thrilling experience. The seafloor was revealed with brilliant LEDs, and Michaela describes it as a “murky, mysterious world” where the fish were “sleep” and slow-moving. Now we will go to sleep- or try to- and will be greeting the day at 4:30 the next morning!