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After waking up late at a whopping time of 7:45 am, we sat down for breakfast burritos and lemon poppyseed muffins. Because of our shortage of water; the reason a leak and not our time-consuming showers; we headed to town to fill up. On our sail over we made sure to review the points of sail and all of the boat terms. When we finally reached our destination of Leverick Bay, we filled the tanks and then took turns at the helm of the boat on the way back. The crew then went into a heave-to for lunch, where we dined on tuna sandwiches and PB&J’s. Later on in the day, we practiced man overboard skills for our upcoming practical. Luckily for us, it was just a buoy because it took quite a while to retrieve it in the pouring down rain haha! Once we returned to Mountain Point, George, our skipper, set up a rope swing off of the boom so everyone could relax after a tiring day under sail. Finally, we sat down to our biggest feast yet of Thanksgiving dinner and a giant birthday cake for Betsy’s birthday! After everything, I’m not sure the boat will eat again until tomorrow’s lunch! The day ended with big smiles and everyone excited for our first open water dive tomorrow! YAY