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British Virgin Islands - 2018, Session 1

Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End, Tortola

George, Isabel, and Henry are so excited to meet all eleven of their new shipmates and welcome them aboard Return of the Macks. The trio has been working hard to prep the boat for their shipmate's arrival, and fill those empty cabins! Yesterday George and Isabel stocked our boat with delicious snacks and treats, while Henry gave a final check to our dinghy Drift. Waterskis and wakeboard equipment have been loaded up and all the final checks have been completed. George, Henry, and Isabel cannot wait to get our new shipmates on board and start our summer adventure on the water!

Here is an introduction to the crew of Return of the Macks:

George- Skipper

Born in the northern suburbs of Chicago, George spent his early years learning to sail and race on Lake Michigan and the inland lakes of Wisconsin. He spent his high school years racing on his high school sailing team, and his summers coaching youth sailing teams for his local yacht club. He has recently graduated from Miami University in Oxford Ohio, majoring in Business Management and Leadership. After slowing down his sailboat racing at the end of high school, he decided to join Sea|mester on their recent fall trip as a way to take a break from business school and get back into sailing, where he started on his 200-ton Yacht Master training and completed in the spring of 2017. After having such a great time with Sea|mester aboard Argo, he realized his passion for teaching sailing and working onboard boats, which has led him to ActionQuest. George’s passions include finding and listening to good music, cooking good food, and any activity having to do with wind he can get into.

Isabel- Dive Instructor/Mate

Isabel (or Izzy) is an Open Water Scuba Instructor hailing from Canada. After joining AQ as a shipmate for 3 summers she's excited to be back as part of the staff! Isabel has spent time working as a scuba instructor in Greece and has done plenty of diving in Honduras. She is currently in her fourth year of a BSc in Marine Biology at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and is interested in all things sustainable. Other than diving Isabel loves camping or hiking... and she's always on the search for a good pun!

Henry- Mate/WFR