Location: Marina Cay

Today was one to remember. We woke up as usual with the sunrise and filled up on some oatmeal and began preparations for our PADI open water final at 8:30 am. Once we were finished, we picked up anchor from Mountain Point and headed down to the Dogs, where we spent our morning learning to tie Turk’s Head anklets/bracelets. We then sailed to our dive spot where we had a quick lunch before we splashed in the Chimneys. Here we fulfilled our skills training of clearing a fully flooded mask, recovered our regulator, and ascended while sharing air from 35 feet. Once our instructors were satisfied with our demonstrations of the skills, we used our remaining air to go for a swim through of the Chimneys. Here we saw all types of fish, coral, and jellyfish. Thirty minutes later we surfaced and broke down our gear and returned to Return of the Macks for a nice warm dinner of tortellini and garlic bread. We ended up the night with our nightly squeeze question where we all got to learn more about each other, bringing us closer together each night.