Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we went to the Chimneys and we dove through these really cool passages. We then cruised on over to Coral Gardens where we dove a plane crash (no worries, it was sunk on purpose for a movie). Afterwards we headed back to Mountain Point and I snorkeled with Courtney around the boat and saw a sea turtle, trumpet fish, and some cool shells. Tonight we had tomato stroganoff and it was pretty tasty. A little bit ago we had a little accident on deck and some deckies dumped half a bucket of water down my hatch so now I don’t have to wash my clothes tomorrow. Its all good though. We got AC today! It feels amazing and I’m thrilled we’ll be able to charge electronics. Here comes the best part of the day……we got a new shipmate today! Her name is Liz and she’s super awesome. We all greeted her by standing on top of the boat, flinging our arms around.