Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

Today we had a lot of fun relaxing and swimming in the water. As our trip winds down we all love spending time with each other while we have the chance. We started off our day with a great breakfast of pancakes. Quickly we cleaned up and four of us got on Rango to do water sports. We all tried new sports and it was exciting to see people succeed in new things. I was in the first group for watersports and when we got back, we all had a great time swimming around our boat and jumping off of it. When we all dried off, we put up our jib and sailed to Road Town, where we ate lunch. At 2:45, we got back on the boat. We played in the water again until we got hailed on our VHF by Bella Vita. They had invited us to play on their boom swing. It was nice to spend time with other boats in sail side B. We finished off our day with breakfast for dinner, which was really good. Overall, today was a great day.