Location: The Bight, Norman Island

The morning started with a early and hard wakeup (as usual). Everyone who slept outside had just gotten rained on minutes prior to wakeup. We moved on to prepare breakfast, cereal, bowls, and drinks were brought on deck to start our day. After breakfast, we motored over to the dive site for the day: the wreck of the Rhone. This was a boat that was deemed unsinkable, and as we know that usually means, they sink (like the Titanic). The Rhone ended up sinking during a hurricane, during which time the crew trapped the passengers to the beds, which they used to do during rough passages. So all the passengers ended up dying in the wreck, the only survivors being the 23-crew members. So we geared up our scuba gear, briefed the dive, did our buddy checks, and finally jumped into the water. During the dive, we saw a lot of fish, which came in many shapes and sizes. After the dive came the moment, we were waiting for (and also dreading) the SAIL TEST! The test wasn’t too difficult, and most of us were quite comfortable with the material. Then finally it was time for lunch, which was ramen (a very gourmet meal), it was delicious. After lunch came the time for a very short hike, which had a lot of, amazing sights and views. Promptly after the hike, we moved to a different location for the rest of the evening.