Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up with relief that it hadn’t rained again! Everyone got up quickly. It was race day, and everyone was excited. The chefs brought up the oatmeal, and we began breakfast. After eating, we cleaned up before having a skipper’s meeting to discuss the race. After that, we began preparing to race. Every boat got in a line in a specific order determined by numbers we had drawn during the meeting. We started the first race of the day. It went by quickly since we just headed on a beam reach the entire way. After we got to West End, we had lunch and got ready for our second race. This race was much longer because we had to tack all the way up. After the race was over, we anchored in Great Harbor to spend the night. We ate dinner before heading below deck to have a sail chat. After that, we went to bed and hoped it wouldn’t rain this night either.